How to interview People?

People can be great asset for the company so it very important to choose a right person for a right jobs. There should be certain things that should be keep in mind while interviewing candidates.

Read the Resume of the interviewee a day before interview: Reading his resume will give you fair idea about his work experience & also you came to know whether job profile is suitable for vacant position or not.

Make a note of candidate work experience, Education & his current location.

Confirm the details from interviewee: First & foremost question you can ask “Tell me about yourself” In which you can confirm about the information given by candidate.

Create a warm & welcoming environment: Create welcoming environment so that candidate feels comfortable & can give fair answers.

For Example:

Interviewer: Hello Mr. Dinesh, How are you?

Interviewee: I am fine, thank you Sir

Interviewer: Would you like to have something?

Interviewee: No thanks Sir

Prepare questions: Prepare questions that you are going to ask interviewee in advance.

Donn’t ask any “Yes” or “No” questions. Don’t ask multiple questions at one time it will confuse the interviewee.

Make him feel comfortable & start asking questions gently.

Be polite to the candidate & ask question by keeping your objective in mind.

Inform about your objective to candidate well in advance so that he will be prepared for the interview well in advance.

Introduce yourself: Shake hand with the person & give him warm welcome by introducing yourself. Tell him about your work experience on which position you are working how old you are in system What are your & company expectations from the person.

Tell the person about the job responsibilities that he need to perform if he will be selected.

Tell him about the company.

Tell him how long interview last & how many rounds of interview he has to face to join the company.

Ask your questions: Ask questions which you have prepared in advance. Make this conversation as natural as you can.

Don’t ask personal questions.

Below can be the list of the questions:

How did you hear about the position?

Why you want to join our company?

Can you give example of your latest achievement at your workplace?

What are the biggest challenges that you are facing in your position?

Where you want to see yourself in coming 5 years?

How many years of experience you are having?

How long you have been with the company?

How your friends describe you as a person?

What motivates you to do this job?

Stay quiet & focused: You should be a good listener check out candidate nervousness & try to dig out him. Let him open up & say something informative.

Analyse the activities of the candidate Try to read the mind of the candidate check how the candidate is behaving Is he feeling nervous.

Be focused while interacting with candidate. You should always keep in mind the purpose of the interview.

Wrap up interview professionally: To wrap up Donn’t say these phrases that “we are running out of questions” or “I am having something else to do”. While wrapping use the phrase that “we are done with the questions if you want to ask anything you can ask”

End up your conversation by thanking him to take time for coming the interview.

Also inform him the day when the results will be declared.

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