Interview questions for Human Resource Position

Tell me about yourself : This is the first & foremost question asked by every interviewer Be prepared for this question in advance . Introduction should be of 2-3 minutes In which you can include your name, work experience, education background & accomplishments.

It should be very precise, simple & clear.

Be prepared in advance any question can be asked while you are introducing yourself.

For Example : I am X working with Future Group from last 5 years . My current designation is HR Manager. Currently handling N no. of stores. I have done MBA from Z University. My accomplishments are I have won Best HR award last Year because of my XYZ initiative.

How many years of experience do you have: In the question interviewee can elaborate about his work experience.

For Example: I am having 7 years of experience. I joined as HR executive in ____ company. I worked there 2 Years because of growth reason I left that job & joined _______ company wherein I am working from last 5 years my current designation is HR Manager. I am Handling a team of 5 People. My job responsibilities are ____

Why you want to leave your job? This the common question that will be asked by every interviewer you should be prepared in advance for answer. Do not say any negative thing about your current employer.

Do’s & Don’t for answer of this question:


I want to leave I want growth in life.

I want to expand my learning

I want to leave because of location constraints.

I want to leave because of personal Reason


I want to leave because I don’t like my boss

I want to leave because of work pressure

Negative replies will create negative image in the mind of interviewer.

How your boss describes your personality?

Be fair while answering this question because interview will definitely ask cross-questions & will try to check the validity of your Answer.

For Example:

Interviewee: My boss describes me hard working & Punctual.

Interviewer: State one incident wherein your boss describes you hard working & Punctual.

Interviwee: Last month I have took a initiative to resolve all the compliance issues at stores. I worked very hard with support of my team member I will be able to resolve all such cases in a month’s time. My boss appreciates me for my hard work.

How your friends describe your personality?

This question is generally asked to about your personality. You are introvert or extrovert. Try to give fair answer for the question because the interviewer will definitely dig out you in this question.

For Example : My friends describes me fun-Loving.

             What are your job responsibilities in your current organization?

In this question you can describe in detail about your job responsibilities which you are handling in your current organization. Be prepare on numbers interviewer will definitely cross question & try to check your knowledge.

For Example:

Interviewee: In my current organization I am working with talent acquisition team so I am handling Recruitment, Training & Development & Joining formalities of candidates

Interviewer: How many positions you have closed in last one month:

Interviewee: I have closed 30 Positions.

Interviewer: What Strategy you follow to close the positions?

Interviewee: I search the candidates through various Job Portals

What motivates you to work as HR?

Think about this question for a minute & check what you like about HR Profile. Why you have chosen HR as your career. If you actually enjoys your work then you will be definitely able to give perfect answer for this question.

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