Subconscious mind

Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys. Our Brains are extremely complicated. Subconscious mind is a huge memory bank. Function of subconscious mind is to retrieve data. That’s why reading inspirational thoughts will give you positive thinking. Subconscious mind will merely obey the command receive from conscious mind. Your subconscious mind works day to night to make you fit with your thoughts, hopes & desires.

Your subconscious mind keeps you breathing regularly & keeps your heart beating at certain rate.

Thoughts have great impact on anyone’s personality. Thoughts are like food, eating good food helps us in developing stamina same way positive thoughts helps us in becoming a good human being.

Power of subconscious mind:

The power of the subconscious mind can lead you to new success in your personal life and business life Discovering how you can convert your thoughts into positive.

In real life we came across with various people who works very hard & utilizing the power of subconscious mind to achieve their objectives.

Your subconscious mind has the answers to all the questions. If you ask your subconscious mind to awake at 5 am it will do the same.

Never use negative terms like “I can’t do this” your subconscious mind will take those terms & will start act accordingly.

Belief yourself, the kind of thoughts you think will affect your mind.

Select positive thoughts like I can do it. I am powerful, my soul is powerful I can do any work in life.

You have the power to choose your happiness. So, you can choose to happiness & delete all negative feelings from mind.

You have the power to reject the negative thoughts talked about you by someone. You can take only positive thoughts & choose the kind of thoughts you want to take.

Never say negative thoughts like I will fail, I will not be able to pay rent, I will lose my job. Your subconscious mind will accept those thoughts as reality.

For example, a mother always wants her children to grow in their life’s & prosper in whatever they are doing but thinks negative thoughts about her children like he will fail he can’t do anything. Those kinds of thoughts will affect the productivity of her children.

Don’t let others to lead your life & to choose your thinking. Choose your way of living life.

When you pray for someone you know that because of your pray that person will get positive thoughts & he will get wonderful results.

Whenever we think we are not well it is a game of our mind we start feeling ill. It’s not disease that make us ill it our thoughts about our body that make us ill.

You can create your thoughts. Whatever you think you can create it. Believe in Prosperity, trust, Peace & wealth.

Prayer can work as therapy. It’s Important to make stable your thoughts by doing Prayer & meditation.

Learn to pray for your loved ones. By doing prayer you can heal them from major problems of life.

Thankful heart is always achieving the things want to achieve in life.

Desire for harmony, health, wellbeing & Peace.

Things you want in life repeat those things 5 times before sleeping. Your subconscious mind will help you in achieving those things.

Feeling of health & wealth produces the same.

“I can be a good lawyer” You can do good in your profession when you repeat those things in mind.

Your true wealth is your ideas.

Jealousy will block your mind. Try to overcome from negative ideas. Don’t waste your time in negative sentiments.

Thinking of wealth produces wealth. Think about the thing you want most in life.

You can increase your sales by saying “I will do good today” “I will sell all the products” “I will achieve incentives”.

Your true source of wealth is your ideas.

Whatever problems we face in our life’s only we are the creator of our problems. We can tackle any of the problem with positive mindset. So whenever you face any problem in life. Think about the problem that why I am getting worried. Is it because of my emotions or someone actually hurts me. Nobody can hurt us it is because of our emotions & feelings we get hurt. Try to question & analyse yourself in the situation of problem.

Do the work which you love to do then you will be the most successful person.

You can’t achieve success without peace of mind.

Repeat the word success many times in a day. The idea of success will help you in achieving success.

If you think in your mind before you sleep time you want to wake up. You will surely wake up at that time because your subconscious mind will not sleep. It keeps on working body’s other functions. 8 hours sleep is must for the body for proper functioning of body. Lack of sleep cause irritation, mental disorder & depression.

For successful marriage it’s important to pray together. Marriage is the union of man & woman who are bound by love. Accept your companion mentally that he is the right person for you. Pray together & you will stay together. 

We don’t need a person to give us confidence. You must believe on yourself. Only by faithing yourself you can compel others to have faith in you.

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