Tips for Healthy Conversation

Healthy Conversation

There are certain ways through which you can impact your presence in anyone’s life. We human beings can’t live alone wherever we go try to make more & more friends. We want that everybody will notice us. We try to look different in a group of people. To keep ourselves different from others we need to follow below mentioned tips:


Love yourself for who you are. Be happy with yourself & think that you are the most beautiful person & your smile is the best then you can achieve lot of things in your life.

There is quote saying “First impression is the last impression”

Smile can win lot of hearts & have the power to kill lot of issues.

Whenever you are going to meet someone you should keep smiling for first few seconds till the other person smile.

Try to smile naturally because fake smile will impact your conversation.

Eye Contact:

Whenever you are talking to someone try to look into the eyes of the person.

I will give you confidence to speak & also you feel comfortable while talking to someone.

There are certain people with whom you are not comfortable in Eye contact you can avoid eye contact with them,

Whenever you don’t do eye contact it seems that you are nervous.

I also indicate that you are hiding something.

 Whenever you want to choose your partner check whether he/she is doing eye contact or not.

If not, that means they want to hide anything.

So, if you want to start a conversation with anyone try to have a eye contact with that person.

Shake Hand:

Whenever you meet someone Shake hand with that person

Don’t hold tightly while shaking hand. It’s a part of first impression.

Use good posture while shaking hand. This will make you look confident.

Use your right hand to shake hand. Lean towards the person & make eye contact this will show that you are interested in the person.

Be confident:

Stand Straight & look into the eyes of the person.

Confidence is a very tricky thing. Talk with the person with confidence.

Confidently talk to the person. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Engage in fronting. Fronting is something when you talk to the person with confidence.

Don’t interrupt other while he is talking: It looks very odd when you interrupt someone while he is talking its very important to listen carefully & note down the major points.

Try not to contradict:

It looks rude when you contradict while someone is stating his point.

Choose subject of mutual interest:

If you want that person will be interested in talking to you then you should choose a topic of common interest otherwise the person will lose interest

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