Job Responsibilities of Retail HR

Staffing (Active Stores)

 Recruitment at active store need to be accomplished as & when required. For example if a Store Manger working at XYZ company left the company then HR need to fulfil that vacancy by hiring his replacement that hiring can be done through various sources like Job Portals (Naukri, Linkedin etc.), References, Campus Hiring etc.

Staffing (New Store Opening)

 Whenever any new store opens then HR has to fulfil manpower need  in advance there is different TAT for hiring depends upon company to company For example in XYZ company in case of NSO Customer Service associate should be hired before 30 Days of store opening , Store & Department Manager should be hired before 45 days of store opening.

Employee Engagements

Employee Engagement is one of the crucial roles of HR that needs to be done on monthly or weekly basis. Usually retail companies maintain engagement calendar that Retail HR follows for engaging the store associates.

Store/ Market Visits

 To be an effective retail HR its very important to interact with sales associates & Store Mangers. For that an HR needs to do regular Store & Market Visit

Training & Development:

Ensure organic growth leading to fulfilment of vacancy through internal talent pool pipeline subject to Assessments

Maintaining Trackers:

It’s very important for an HR to keep its record simple & clear for that they need to maintain various tracker. For example, an HR is handling 200 employees in a xyz company so an HR need to maintain proper data of 200 employees containing their appointment letter, ID card, confirmation, salary records.

Rewards & Recognition

Various rewards & recognition should be given to store staff on achievement of targets or based on punctuality.

Joining Formalities

It’s a responsibility of HR to provide good experience to the candidate who will be joining the company. By assisting the new joiner throughout their joining life cycle. Joining formalities includes Salary Negotiation, Offer letter Generation, Numerical ability test of candidate, Medical check-up of candidate & Documentation of candidate. Everything should be done with proper synchronization with candidate so that candidate can experience Hassle free Joining.

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