Steps to take care of cotton garments

We’re at the peak of summer and there’s no fabric that can save us, except cotton. Did you know that cotton is the most widely used natural fabric in the world? Be it summer or rain, no other fabric suits the tropical weather in India better than cotton. We’ve handpicked some useful and important tips to take care of your cotton sarees, kurtis and salwar suits.

Washing cotton sarees is a simple process. It is better to hand-wash them so that you don’t wear them out. However if the saree you’re washing is a dark coloured cotton saree you need to take a few extra steps. Dark coloured cotton sarees tend to bleed and lose colour. So make sure you wash them separately. Doing this will ensure that you don’t stain your other light coloured clothes. Also to retain the colour of the fabric add salt to the bucket you’re soaking it in. Air-dry the saree in shade, this will help prevent the fabric from bleeding. Wash in cold (30°C or below) water, whether using a washing machine or washing by hand.

Always wash white coloured cotton kurtis, sarees, salwar suits and other white ensembles separately. Cotton tends to soak stains faster and more easily than other fabrics. Minor stains are more visible on white so it is doubly important to avoid staining. With every wash, add a cup of distilled vinegar or any store bought whitener to fight stubborn stains. This should be followed by a fabric softener. As cotton is a woven fabric its threads tend to loosen with every wash, hence it is important to add a fabric softener to it.

Cotton is a fairly tough fabric and doesn’t wear out despite high ironing temperatures. However, it is better to iron the fabric inside out in order to reduce the creases on the outside. Since it is a stubborn fabric, you will need to iron it both ways. Cotton also tends to crease easily after ironing, so it’s important you buy sturdy and dense hangers that prevent this.

Don’t use more than the recommended quantity of bleach on cotton garments. Using excessive bleach can damage cotton fibres and cause the garment to age prematurely.

It’s summer, the sun is out in all its glory. Don’t let it stop you from stepping out in style in fabrics that let you breathe. Beat the heat, the ethnic way with our summer-friendly kurtis.

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