Top 7 Party Wear Sarees for Wedding Celebrations

Weddings are important. Food is important but also, what matters is what you’re going to wear.

Allow us to enlighten you about the top sarees designs that are trending.

1.     Designer party wear sarees

Gone are the days when just a heavy saree would work for an occasion as big as a wedding. People are getting brand conscious and your local shop just wouldn’t give you the status you deserve. You need to put your hands on the designer wear even when you have always been a shopper for affordable products.

2. Drape it to show your blouse

The way you drape a saree completely changes the look of the outfit. You can literally use the same outfit and create tens of different looks just by changing the draping styles.

But what’s trending for this wedding season?

Focus on showing off your blouse because most of the designers are focusing on the designs of the blouse. Intricate embroidery, costly embellishments, and fine thread work is all showcased on the blouse. What’s the point of it if you’re going to cover it up? SHOW it off!

3. The colors of the sarees

The biggest and probably our favorite, change in sarees trends is the switch from rich colors to subtle and sophisticated colors.

The concept of party wear sarees for wedding has gone through such a big change that instead of colors like red, maroon, pink and orange, colors like champagne, wine, peach and beige are being preferred.

However, you must understand that the trend is the impact of the shifted focus on the blouse designs. Sarees with great blouse designs always look good with the new popular colors.

4. Saree Gowns aka Lehenga Sarees

Lehenga sarees are truly a savior for women who love the idea of a saree but just can’t handle all those drapes or get mortified with the fear of those drapes falling off. Just pick up a lehenga saree for yourself, put it on like a lehenga/skirt and rock the saree look.

5. Choose the net fabric

If you’re looking for party wear sarees for wedding that would look extremely graceful, try out the net sarees. The fabric is the most preferred one for sarees and with work of resham, zari and gota, they just look adorable.

6. A newer style of wearing old sarees

We have been through the time when people skipped the Kanchipuram silk saree, banarasi saree or any sort of silk saree because they were too old fashioned. It’s the time for a change. The same fabrics and designs are being updated to match the latest trends and new designs with the old fabrics are being promoted.

7. Zari embroidery is going nowhere

Zardosi work is still the most reliable design you can opt for. The sarees with zari embroidery are timeless pieces that can stay in your cupboard completely safe from the quickly changing trends. You can pull out an old zari embroidered saree and wear it like you just bought it from the top runway pieces on sale. Or you can buy a new one, wear it once and stay prepared to bring it out whenever you need a safe risk-free option.

INDIAN ETHNIC WEAR – CULTURAL ROOTS India is a country globally associated with opulence and regality. When it comes to lavish weddings and ceremonial celebrations, Indian Ethnic wear has always been the favorite across the world.

In today’s time of turbulence when everything is undergoing transformation, Indian fashion façade is undergoing a shift too. But one thing that remains perennial is our love for Indian Ethnic Wear. Though we have embraced the changing style sensibilities of the world with wide arms, we have been successful in keeping our traditional roots and regal inheritance of style intact.

That said, we do see a change in the preferences of people these days as against what they used to wear a decade back. Gone are the days when there was just one shop in your locality from where your mother along with all other aunties residing in the neighbourhood went to buy that single outfit which you wore to your cousin’s wedding, festivities with friends and maybe even Diwali.

What has changed in present times is that we have myriad of options available – options as to color and cut, fabric and style. Just think of the array of illustrious fabrics available to us like brocade, silk, taffeta, crepe de chine, and chiffons. The multitudinous embroidery and embellishment on these fabrics add to the royalty of an outfit and the style makes dressing in Indian Ethnic Wear all the more fun.

What has also changed is the perception of men towards dressing. Men aren’t far behind when embracing or keeping up with the latest styles and trends. During festivities, it’s not just the women but also the men vying to grab the eyeballs of everyone around. And what better than Indian Ethnic Wear to turn the heads…

The change is visible not just in the outfits but also the accessories segment. Men and women are increasingly going for accessories that serve to make style statements. The accessories for women ranging from jewelry to bridal bags are currently in vogue while men prefer mojaris and stole to go with their traditional outfits.

All in all, nothing could make you appear more regal than Indian Ethnic wear. The wedding season is here heralding the excitement of the bride and groom eager to tie the knot and the family equally eager to shower blessings.

So all you beautiful ladies and gentlemen out there-flatter yourself with Indian Ethnic Wear.

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