Benefits of Reading

1.Reading Prevents Memory Loss

A study which included almost 300 participants who died at an average age of 89 discovered that those that were engaging in mental activities such as reading experienced slower memory decline than those patients that did not read

2. Reading Prevents Depression

Another study from the PLOS journal showed that self-help books can help prevent depression. Since dejpression causes hopelessness people stop believing in the capability of change, self-help books boost the parts of the brain that are associated with happiness, rather focusing on that which is ahead and your ambitions

3. Reading Relaxes You

At the University of Sussex a study reported that reading can relax you more than listening to your favorite tunes, going for a walk, or even enjoying a cup of coffee/tea.

This is a hard one to believe, honestly. I love my coffee. And I love my tea. Books are great as well. But let’s be honest. You probably feel me on this one. Don’t be telling me how I should feel about my tea time.

4. Reading Builds a Critical Mind

The more you read the more information you add into your brain. This information proves helpful in dire circumstances when you need to make last minute decisions, or decide between the lesser of two evils for president.

5. Reading is a Literal Workout For the Brain

Unlike watching TV or listening to the radio, reading stimulates your brain to be able to focus on tasks better. That is what you are training your mind to do the more you read, because the mind is forced to focus again & again from page to page on new information.

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