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Attractive Personality

Companies like to hire the person having attractive whenever you are going to face  interview look at your attire how it looks like.

There are certain people who applies for multiple jobs & still not getting the right job if they are getting the job they are not getting the salary as per expectations.

A piece of advice for them see what you are wearing.

Wear a decent formal clothes & nice shoes it gives you self-confidence. See for what position you want to apply & check how you can fit for the position.

Look at yourself & check the qualities which you are having for that particular role.

Whenever you go for a interview never say that I want a Job instead say that I have made up my mind to work with you.

Different roles need different attire. Check for which role you want to apply. Study about the company & role in detail. Drees up Properly. Check in mirror what you are wearing. Stay confident during the interview. Listen carefully & answer the questions after listening the whole question. Don’t interrupt the interviewer. Let him complete his question & then reply gently.

Put your point regarding salary as because of salary you applied for the job.

Nobody can understand your worth the more you can. So expect salary as per your worth.

By keeping all those points in mind while facing interview job will be yours. pointer-