Human Resources

How to Crack interview for Human Resource Profile?

To crack interview for HR profile below are the tips that you should keep in mind:

Be Prepared for the Interview: Suppose if you are going for interview in XYZ company first research about the company so that you should be prepared in advance. See What is the profitability of the company what are the policies of the company how the company operates take the feedback of the company from people. By doing research in advance you will be clear that what will be the expectations of the company from Human Resource.

Well Dressed & Groomed: Interviewer will look at overall personality of interviewee. How he is Dressed? Is he well Groomed or not? Different companies are having different criteria for dress up some companies prefer formals & some of the companies prefer casuals. See what is the requirement of the company & dress up as per the desires of the company.

Polite & Soft spoken: Basic requirement from HR Person that he should be polite & soft spoken. Introduce yourself in a very polite way & wait for the next question interview will ask. Listen the question carefully & reply gently. Interviewer will try to check your patience he will definitely ask complicated questions, but you need to tackle the situation very carefully. Be prepared in advance for every question.

Below are the list of the questions that can be asked from experienced Human Resource

Tell me about yourself: This is the first & foremost question asked by every interviewer Be prepared for this question in advance. Introduction should be of 2-3 minutes in which you can include your name, work experience, education background & accomplishments.

It should be very precise, simple & clear.

Be prepared in advance any question can be asked while you are introducing yourself.

For Example: I am X working with Future Group from last 5 years. My current designation is HR Manager. I have done MBA from Z University. My accomplishments are I have won Best HR award last Year because of my XYZ initiative.

How many years of experience do you have: In the question interviewee can elaborate about his work experience.

For Example: I am having 7 years of experience. I joined as HR executive in ____ company. I worked there 2 Years because of growth reason I left that job & joined _______ company wherein I am working from last 5 years my current designation is HR Manager. I am Handling a team of 5 People. My job responsibilities are ____

Why you want to leave your job? This the common question that will be asked by every interviewer you should be prepared in advance for answer. Do not say any negative thing about your current employer.

Do’s & Don’t for answer of this question:


I want to leave I want growth in life.

I want to expand my learning

I want to leave because of location constraints.

I want to leave because of personal Reason


I want to leave because I don’t like my boss

I want to leave because of work pressure

Negative replies will create negative image in the mind of interviewer.

How your boss describes your personality?

Be fair while answering this question because interview will ask cross-questions & will try to check the validity of your Answer.

For Example:

Interviewee: My boss describes me hard working & Punctual.

Interviewer: State one incident wherein your boss describes you hard working & Punctual.

Interviewee: Last month I have took initiative to resolve all the compliance issues at stores. I worked very hard with support of my team member I will be able to resolve all such cases in a month’s time. My boss appreciates me for my hard work.

How your friends describe your personality?

This question is generally asked to know about your personality. You are introvert or extrovert. Try to give fair answer for the question because the interviewer will dig out you in this question.

For Example: My friends describe me fun-Loving.

             What are your job responsibilities in your current organization?

In this question you can describe in detail about your job responsibilities which you are handling in your current organization. Be prepare on numbers interviewer will cross question & try to check your knowledge.

For Example:

Interviewee: In my current organization I am working with talent acquisition team, so I am handling Recruitment, Training & Development & Joining formalities of candidates

Interviewer: How many positions you have closed in last one month?

Interviewee: I have closed 30 Positions.

Interviewer: What Strategy you follow to close the positions?

Interviewee: I search the candidates through various Job Portals

What motivates you to work as HR?

Think about this question for a minute & check what you like about HR Profile. Why you have chosen HR as your career. If you actually enjoy your work then you will be definitely able to give perfect answer for this question.

Job Responsibilities of Retail HR

Staffing (Active Stores)

 Recruitment at active store need to be accomplished as & when required. For example if a Store Manger working at XYZ company left the company then HR need to fulfil that vacancy by hiring his replacement that hiring can be done through various sources like Job Portals (Naukri, Linkedin etc.), References, Campus Hiring etc.

Staffing (New Store Opening)

 Whenever any new store opens then HR has to fulfil manpower need  in advance there is different TAT for hiring depends upon company to company For example in XYZ company in case of NSO Customer Service associate should be hired before 30 Days of store opening , Store & Department Manager should be hired before 45 days of store opening.

Employee Engagements

Employee Engagement is one of the crucial roles of HR that needs to be done on monthly or weekly basis. Usually retail companies maintain engagement calendar that Retail HR follows for engaging the store associates.

Store/ Market Visits

 To be an effective retail HR its very important to interact with sales associates & Store Mangers. For that an HR needs to do regular Store & Market Visit

Training & Development:

Ensure organic growth leading to fulfilment of vacancy through internal talent pool pipeline subject to Assessments

Maintaining Trackers:

It’s very important for an HR to keep its record simple & clear for that they need to maintain various tracker. For example, an HR is handling 200 employees in a xyz company so an HR need to maintain proper data of 200 employees containing their appointment letter, ID card, confirmation, salary records.

Rewards & Recognition

Various rewards & recognition should be given to store staff on achievement of targets or based on punctuality.

Joining Formalities

It’s a responsibility of HR to provide good experience to the candidate who will be joining the company. By assisting the new joiner throughout their joining life cycle. Joining formalities includes Salary Negotiation, Offer letter Generation, Numerical ability test of candidate, Medical check-up of candidate & Documentation of candidate. Everything should be done with proper synchronization with candidate so that candidate can experience Hassle free Joining.

Skills Required to be an effective HR

Problem Solving skills:

Candidate must possess Problem solving skills as required to resolve day to day queries of Stores.

Communication skills:

Good communication skills will be required for Retail HR Role. As role itself describes that you need to interact in day to day life with store associates.

Being Self Motivated:

Self-motivation will be required as profile itself demands that you need to motivate people.

Respect for Leaders & Co-workers:

Are you able to get along with difficult co-workers? You need to work with leaders & co workers by putting best of your efforts.

A Positive attitude:

Positive attitude will be required for retail HR role. Having a good handshake is important. Eye contact is also important, smile on face will be required for the role.

Prioritize your work:

Prioritize your work based on your workload. Sit with you reporting manager & discuss about your priorities.

How to take interview

Choose the right candidate for right profile is one of the important tasks which a retail HR does on regular basis for which certain questions will be asked at the time of interview. Firstly, you need to shortlist the candidate through various job portals working in competitive Brand. You need to take candidate telephonic interview & check whether the candidate fits for the profile. After shortlisting of candidate will be called for face to face interview for which certain questions will be asked:

What are your current Roles & Responsibilities?

What KPI’s (Key Performance indicators) you follow in your current Organization?

What is the footfall of current store which you are handling?

What is conversion rate of your current store?

How you handle angry customer?

Can you give example wherein you have resolved conflict between two colleagues?

What strategies you follow to motivate employees?

What strategies you follow to achieve store targets?

What is your method of monitoring inventory levels?

Why you want to leave your current job?

How you handle employee facing difficulty to achieve target?

What is your current salary?

What’s your salary expectations?

What motivates you to Join XYZ company?

Hiring of Employee

Below mentioned steps to be followed at the time of Hiring:

Identification of candidates:

Candidate can be identified through various Job Portals (Naukri, Monster, Linkedin etc.), References, Wilkin’s & Campus Hiring. While identifying candidate through job portals a Retail HR can take a telephonic round of candidate wherein, he/ she can check whether the candidate suits the profile.

How eager candidate wants to join the company?

 How many years of experience candidate is having?

Why he wants to leave his current organization?

Retail HR can also do preliminary reference check through various sources in industry. After shortlisting of candidate, he/ she will be informed for further round of interview.

Face to Face round of interview:  

F2F round of interview is done at various levels First round of interview is taken by Retail HR wherein he/she can ask various interview questions.

After first round of interview an HR will arrange final round of interview withOperations team.

Salary Negotiation:

Once the candidate is shortlisted after final round of interview Retail HR will do salary negotiation with candidate wherein below mentioned questions can be asked:

What is your current salary?

What’s your salary expectations?

What percentage hike you are expecting on your current salary?

Why you want to leave your current organization?

Salary Negotiation can be done by keeping in mind previous work experience, skill set of candidates, Organization needs & Salary Range for Particular Profile.

There is different budget allocated for different profile, so an HR needs to check what is the current budget for that profile? Is the candidate fits in our budget?

Offer Generation:

Once the candidate fits in Budget an HR need s to release the offer letter of the candidate wherein the company is offering the candidate to join the organization on mentioned date by attaching salary annexure.

Various companies will take Numerical Ability & Predictive Index test before generating offer letter to be aware of the personality traits of the candidate

Joining Formalities: Joining formalities includes medical check up of candidate. If the candidate is fit to join, then HR informs the candidate to come for documentation on mentioned date in offer letter.


Different companies will be requiring different documents. Below are the list of the documents that will be required mostly in Retail Companies:

Education Documents (10th, 12th, Graduation & Post Graduation)

Previous Employment Documents: Offer letter, Appointment Letters, Previous 3 month’s Salary Slips, Relieving letter & Experience letter

ID Proofs: Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card etc.

Address Proof: Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport etc.

Medical Check Up Documents

Induction & Training:

Once the candidate is done with Joining formalities it is the responsibility of HR to give a warm welcome to the candidate by introducing with colleagues.

Different companies are having different policies for welcoming the candidates.

During Induction New Joiner is inducted on various policies & Processes of company, Roles & Responsibilities.

Termination of Employees

There are many reasons due to which company fires employees. In case of retail company terminates because of below mentioned reasons:

Non-performing employees:

 Usually companies give warning if the employee is not performing.

 Most of the companies follow Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). As per plan if the employee is not performing then he is given one-month time to improve his performance. He will be assessed on weekly basis. A panel sits & assess non-performing staff performance.

There will be two outcomes of Performance Improvement Plan. One is if the staff starts performing then he will be retained & if the staff is not performing even after one-month he will be asked to leave the company.

Integrity Issue:

If the employee is not honest with the company If he has stolen anything from store & misused anything (Discount coupons) from store. Based on integrity issue company can decides to terminate the employee.


If the staff misbehaves if any of the colleague & senior, he will be given warning on account of misbehavior. But if the staff is not improving after multiple warnings then company can take strict action against that staff.

Sexual Harassment:

If any of the colleague complains against the staff for sexually harassing the person. In that case a Panel sits in the store & decides the validity of the complaint. If the complaint proves to be valid then company decides about action need to be taken against the employee, the action can be termination.


If the employee stops reporting at store without prior information. Based on Absconding issue company sends that employee absconding letter & even if after absconding letters employee is not reporting then he will be given termination letter.

A Retail HR must keep its eyes & ears open for every such incident & has to take strict action as per policy of company

Manpower Dimensioning

Retail HR must do proper manpower Dimensioning before opening of Store. Dimensioning is done by considering the size of the store.

For example, if the store size is 10,000 sq. ft & company hire one sales associate on every 400 sq. ft. There should be 25 sales associates at store. An HR needs to check the cost of each & every associate, so the salary of the associate is decided by analyzing the cost of the store & sales per square feet. On 25 associates how many managers will be required & what will the cost of the manger that HR will decide after analyzing the SPSF.

It should be a proper mix of Store Managers, Department Managers, Sales Associates, Visual Merchandiser, Customer Service Desk, Back House associate & Cashiers.

How Retail HR resolves issues at Store?

 Store Visit is one of the important KRA of Retail HR while visiting store an HR needs to check     Store Visit Checklist which includes below mentioned questions:

  1. What is the attrition of store?
  • What is the male female ratio of store?
  • How many staff working at store?
  • Whether the Staff is having their Offer letter, Appointment letter & ID Cards?
    • Whether all compliance documents displayed on wall?
    • Is the store is performing or Not?
    • If the store is not performing what are reasons of non-performance?

By maintaining a list of issues an HR comes to know about the environment at store how store manager is treating sales associate. A healthy environment will be required for good workplace. If there is any kind of disagreement at store, then store will not be able to perform.

Retail HR needs to check the root-cause of every problem & if the problem is related to store environment that can be resolved through proper counselling of associates & Manager.

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